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The Newsroom, Season Finale

The sixth episode of the third season of The Newsroom aired a couple of days ago, and apparently there’s nothing left were that came from. Well, it’s been a hell of a ride. I liked this show, I really did, it combined recent events and the kinds of political developments I tend to think a lot about with really great characters and at times excellent dialog. I’m going to miss this show, I sure wouldn’t have minded a fourth season. Continue reading


The Newsroom, E5S3

What the fuck did I just watch? Yes, that is indeed how I chose to begin this review. First of all, Charlie died. Secondly, it looks like the main story arc died, on account of Will being released without further ado. Besides these casualties the death toll may or may not also include the existence of ACN as a whole. There is so much going on here that it should probably be dealt with calmly one point at a time. And keep in mind as things get get rough in the following lines that I did actually like this episode, all things considered. Continue reading

The Newsroom, E4S3

Let me begin this review by saying that we are here dealing with a significantly better episode than last week. There was, to put it simply, more of the good stuff and less of the bad. And not only was the episode good, it also hinted at the possibility that the rest of the season would be even better. Continue reading

First half of the last season of The Newsroom

I’ve been a bit more busy then I had anticipated and so have not reviewed each episode individually as I had hoped to do. Instead you’ll here get a combined review of the first half of the season, and then we will see how it goes from there. Continue reading

First Post, The Newsroom and Things to Come

Well then, here goes. This is my first post and a teaser of some of the things that will be going down later on this blog. This first post will deal with the entertainment part of the trinity of entertainment, technology and politics that my writing can be broken down into. More precisely this post deals with television shows, of the good kind. I watch a show on television now and then, I don’t do it often but I have a few shows that I really like. One of them is The Newsroom. Continue reading