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The primaries to come

Tuesday this week the Americans lived through a third so called Super Tuesday, where republicans in a bunch of states voted for one of the then four remaining presidential candidates in their party. Now there are only three candidates left standing, Rubio having finally done what I expected him to do a month ago. From the candidates that are left, and the states that are left, one can draw certain conclusions, which I want to write a bit about here.    Continue reading


Super Tuesday, and a game of rock, paper, scissor

After senator Bernie Sanders won the primary in New Hampshire talk about former secretary of state Hillary Clinton’s inevitability quietened for a while. Now that the results of the democrat primaries in South Carolina and Nevada have come in, the “inevitability”-crowd around Clinton seem to be regaining their confidence. Observing this I cannot help but recall a point made by Jimmy Dore of TYT, who quite frankly isn’t my primary source for intellectual insights to put it politely but who was definitively on to something here. Continue reading

Geopolitics of 2016

A few days into this new year I thought it might be appropriate to write a bit about what geopolitical developments I expect us to hear more about during the coming months and/or that I think we should keep an extra eye on. I will, in this article at least, omit the most obvious topic such as the war in the middle east and the refugee crisis, not because I don’t recognize their importance but begeo2016cause I don’t have anything particularly intelligent and original to say regarding those matters right now. I will also mostly focus on Europe, because that is where I live and the region I know the most about. Continue reading

The Donald rides once more

As the primary season for the Grand Old Party now enters its serious stage, headlines on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be all about the latest shenanigans of Mr. Donald Trump. The coverage of the doings of the Donald mostly seems to follow one particular line. He has uttered something outrageous in an interview or on Twitter, people now speculate about if he has finally gone too far, and surprise is expressed regarding the fact that he has managed to stick around so far and still has any supporters left. Continue reading

Comparing the Fields

Although I’m a European I enjoy following American politics, partially because it’s interesting and partially because it’s entertaining. In particular I tend to approach the GOP primaries like other people do sports, and now that the 2016 season is soon upon us I thought it would be fun to compare the starting field to that of 2012. Continue reading

Why would Romney have a better chance this time?

As the primaries for the 2016 US presidential election draw nearer something that seemed impossible a year or two ago appears to be significantly more probable now, namely that former governor Mitt Romney will run for president again. Continue reading

2016 will come sooner than you think.

On my way to work this morning I watched a clip on Youtube, where the good folks over at TYT were discussing the actions of senator Elizabeth Warren. This was not the first time Uygur and the rest promoted the senator, and considering the coming elections you can be sure that it won’t be the last. The hype seems to know no bounds, and the host of that show in particular is acting like it’s 2008 and Barack Obama has not yet failed him. See the whole thing here. Continue reading