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Everything is not necessarily connected


A number of political developments that will eventually have serious consequences took place last year, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. What happened can be distilled into two points, the decision by a majority of British citizens to leave the European Union, and later on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the US of A. These things are not necessarily as strongly related as is being implied in some places.  Continue reading


Absurdities following the referendum


It has now been slightly more than a week since the population of the United Kingdom decided, by a narrow majority in a public referendum, to leave the European Union. Since I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter and since I’m not a citizen of the UK and in fact live elsewhere, I will not publicly endorse one side or the other even in hindsight. I have however made certain observations about how the world seems to be reacting to Brexit, some reactions I have observed bother me and I will take the time to complain about them here. Continue reading

Geopolitics of 2016

A few days into this new year I thought it might be appropriate to write a bit about what geopolitical developments I expect us to hear more about during the coming months and/or that I think we should keep an extra eye on. I will, in this article at least, omit the most obvious topic such as the war in the middle east and the refugee crisis, not because I don’t recognize their importance but begeo2016cause I don’t have anything particularly intelligent and original to say regarding those matters right now. I will also mostly focus on Europe, because that is where I live and the region I know the most about. Continue reading