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Is it over already?

This morning I read a Politico article , that can be found here,  arguing for why senator Elizabeth Warren won’t run for president in 2016. Likewise, there was a list published in the New York Times in November last year enumerating interesting people to keep an eye on in the 2016 election, a list from which Warren was absent. This highlights an issue that may very well be decided as far as political coverage in the US goes, but that I must have missed. It looks like everyone has now agreed that there is no chance at all anymore for a Warren candidacy. Continue reading


2016 will come sooner than you think.

On my way to work this morning I watched a clip on Youtube, where the good folks over at TYT were discussing the actions of senator Elizabeth Warren. This was not the first time Uygur and the rest promoted the senator, and considering the coming elections you can be sure that it won’t be the last. The hype seems to know no bounds, and the host of that show in particular is acting like it’s 2008 and Barack Obama has not yet failed him. See the whole thing here. Continue reading