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Milo ain’t no Hitch of mine

Tending to oppose SJW excesses, safe spaces, trigger warnings and whatnot, I have now myself finally been triggered, by Bill Maher of all people. On his last show, Maher had Milo Yiannopoulos on, which is not particularly noteworthy in and of itself. It makes sense to bring on such a guest on a show like Maher’s. But at one point (click here) Maher likened Milo to ”a young gay Christopher Hitchens”, a proposition so absurd as to border on the obscene. Continue reading


The Donald rides once more

As the primary season for the Grand Old Party now enters its serious stage, headlines on both sides of the Atlantic seem to be all about the latest shenanigans of Mr. Donald Trump. The coverage of the doings of the Donald mostly seems to follow one particular line. He has uttered something outrageous in an interview or on Twitter, people now speculate about if he has finally gone too far, and surprise is expressed regarding the fact that he has managed to stick around so far and still has any supporters left. Continue reading

On Bill Maher, TYT, cynicism about the media and so on

This morning, just after I woke up, I watched some segments of the Real Time with Bill Maher episode that aired last night. In particular, the part about Brian Williams from NBC got me thinking. You can find it here. Continue reading

Rand Paul interviewed by Bill Maher

Today as I coded away at work I found myself listening to a few clips on Youtube while completing some repetitive tasks. There was a certain clip that stuck out among the ones the app on my phone recommended, a 10-minute segment from Real time where Bill Maher interviewed one of the two republican senators from  Kentucky, dr Rand Paul. Check it out here. Continue reading

About Real Time with Bill Maher

Now that I’ve acquired HBO’s streaming service and am waiting for the Newsroom, Game of Thrones and True Detective to air I thought I’d write a post or two about other things I occasionally watch. Last Friday, the 30th episode of the 12th season of Bill Maher’s show aired and since I tend to find him entertaining I decided to watch it. More concretely I watched it today since for some reason it gets delayed here in Europe. Continue reading