A review of S6E8 of Game of Thrones

We’re close to the end of the season now, and it is beginning to tell. The show has now begun closing down storylines, at least three arcs (or say sub-arcs) have been brought to an end, and we will talk about each of them in turn. The episode was overall not really an impressive one, decent but slightly underwhelming. I’ll have to give it 7 points out of 10. Most problems the episode had were related to lack of time, it all felt rushed and I’m sure that if the episode had been 5-10 minutes longer they could have really done each scene justice. Continue reading


A review of S6E7 of Game of Thrones

It is with a hint of sadness that I note that we have now passed the two-thirds mark of this year’s season of Game of Thrones. Today’s episode was just like the previous one focused on buildup, on setting up the wars to come. There are many such separate wars that are being set up, in the few remaining episodes we need a resolution to what is happening with Daenerys and Tyrion, one for Arya, one for Sansa and Jon, one for the riverlands and one for King’s Landing, as well as some minor stories that may get put on hold until next year, like Bran and the Greyjoys and Samwell Tarly. All of that is going down in the three remaining episodes, but lest we get ahead of ourselves lets now cover this one. Continue reading

A review of S6E6 of Game of Thrones

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a rather unusual one. Every Monday I watch this show with a group of friends and before it starts we make guesses at what the dead/nude-quotient is going to be. This episode it was a 0/0, which must be the first or perhaps second time that has ever happened. This is by no means a complaint, it is just an observation, after the episode we had a funny moment when we realized that nobody ever guesses 0/0. Continue reading

A review of S6E5 of Game of Thrones

The fifth game of thrones episode of the sixth season is upon us. Here it was happened and a few opinions and speculations.  Continue reading

A review of S6E4 of Game of Thrones

This last episode of Game of Thrones is definitively the best one this season. It was by no means flawless, but the flaws tended to be of the minor rather than major kind. We have, mostly, passed the introductory part of the season and things are starting to heat up. As usual, I shall now proceed to pass judgement on what transpired this week. Continue reading

Put on a boat: An analysis of Samwell Tarley’s storyline

Since this is the part of the year when people gather every week to watch Game of Thrones and talk about A Song of Ice and Fire in general, I thought I might go ahead and re-read some parts of the books. I decided to begin with Samwell Tarley’s chapters in A Feast for Crows, the fourth book of the series. The following are my thoughts about the what main points about Sam’s story seem to be, as they occurred to me when I re-read his chapters a few days ago.  Continue reading

A review of S6E3 of Game of Thrones

I‘m back from travels in Portugal and have now watched the latest episode of Game of Thrones, so it is time for another, slightly delayed, review. Continue reading