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The rainbows of June

Today marks exactly half a year since the supreme court of the United States decided that it was unconstitutional to ban same-sex marriage. At the time this ruling received quite a lot of attention not only in America but also here in Europe. I remember how a lot of people applied a rainbow filter to their Facebook profile pictures and so on. There was however one particular aspect of this supreme court ruling that I didn’t see brought up anywhere, and that I thought it might be interesting to point out now that some time has passed. Continue reading


My thoughts on the Kingkiller Chronicles

At a glance the first two installments of Patrick Rothfuss fantasy trilogy, the Kingkiller Chronicles, may resemble a certain other best-selling series a little too much. A young boy sees his family slaughtered, grows up as an orphan and attends a magic school, we’ve heard this story before, haven’t we? But a few pages in, one quickly realizes that this is something different, this is something interesting and new. The Kingkiller Chronicles is also the kind of deep and serious story that shouldn’t necessarily scare away people averse to classical fantasy, it focuses a lot more on character development than dragons or goblins or the like. Here I will write a bit regarding what I like about the trilogy so far, what I perhaps like less, and some predictions for what could happen in the third and last book. Continue reading

Game of Thrones, S5E4 Review

Now, ladies and gentlemen, things are starting to happen. This episode, a very good one, is best defined by the dramatic montages at the end and a bit after the beginning. I liked them both but only expected one of them, Barristan and Gray Worm ending the episode in puddles of their own blood did surprise me. But we will get to that later, I want to start this review by discussing the events in King’s Landing. Continue reading