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Milo ain’t no Hitch of mine

Tending to oppose SJW excesses, safe spaces, trigger warnings and whatnot, I have now myself finally been triggered, by Bill Maher of all people. On his last show, Maher had Milo Yiannopoulos on, which is not particularly noteworthy in and of itself. It makes sense to bring on such a guest on a show like Maher’s. But at one point (click here) Maher likened Milo to ”a young gay Christopher Hitchens”, a proposition so absurd as to border on the obscene. Continue reading


Everything is not necessarily connected


A number of political developments that will eventually have serious consequences took place last year, primarily in the United States and the United Kingdom. What happened can be distilled into two points, the decision by a majority of British citizens to leave the European Union, and later on the election of Donald Trump to the presidency of the US of A. These things are not necessarily as strongly related as is being implied in some places.  Continue reading

Holding the line

The modern world of liberal individualism has been described by many people in both good and bad terms, but I find its upsides are easy to appreciate when one considers the alternatives. Most people in western Europe now have opportunities and freedoms that their ancestors could only dream about, they can try their luck in a profession other than that of their parents, books are nowdays rarely burned and the bond between state and faith has mostly been severed. Young men and woman can be friends and, if they choose to, lovers, without the matter concerning the entire tribe and ending in bloodshed and sorrow. Though some of us may take such things for granted, they didn’t appear out of thin air, they had to be fought for. They can however, swiftly, disappear into thin air, if not properly maintained. Continue reading

Absurdities following the referendum


It has now been slightly more than a week since the population of the United Kingdom decided, by a narrow majority in a public referendum, to leave the European Union. Since I don’t have a strong opinion on the matter and since I’m not a citizen of the UK and in fact live elsewhere, I will not publicly endorse one side or the other even in hindsight. I have however made certain observations about how the world seems to be reacting to Brexit, some reactions I have observed bother me and I will take the time to complain about them here. Continue reading

The idiot’s guide to atheism

I recently watched a Youtube clip by a fellow called Stephan Molyneux or something like that, a clip titled “Why I Was Wrong About Atheism”. It was the first thing I’ve watched by this Molyneux, I don’t know anything particular about him and stumbled on it by chance, but I sure hope it isn’t representative for the rest of his stuff or we shall often disagree. Mr. Molyneux managed to say something that bothered me, and since it was similar to other stuff I have heard from other people I thought I’d  explain a couple of things for people who need it explained to them.   Continue reading

Reviving liberalism

I have started thinking lately that my outlook on the world has become too gloomy. It is not particularly difficult to see why this is so, considering the output of the average news source. From the atrocities that recently took place in Brussels and Paris to the resurgence of fascism in all kinds of places to the gross excesses of modern identity politics, the renewal of the death sentence on Rushdie and the successes of a madman in the GOP primary, it sure looks like those of us who believe in civilization and culture are in for a rough ride. Not all of the things I listed are currently equally dangerous, but they are all eventually going to mean trouble. In times like these I would like to remind my readers that no matter how bad things look, there is still resistance.  Continue reading

The primaries to come

Tuesday this week the Americans lived through a third so called Super Tuesday, where republicans in a bunch of states voted for one of the then four remaining presidential candidates in their party. Now there are only three candidates left standing, Rubio having finally done what I expected him to do a month ago. From the candidates that are left, and the states that are left, one can draw certain conclusions, which I want to write a bit about here.    Continue reading