A review of S6E6 of Game of Thrones

This week’s episode of Game of Thrones was a rather unusual one. Every Monday I watch this show with a group of friends and before it starts we make guesses at what the dead/nude-quotient is going to be. This episode it was a 0/0, which must be the first or perhaps second time that has ever happened. This is by no means a complaint, it is just an observation, after the episode we had a funny moment when we realized that nobody ever guesses 0/0.

Going on to what actually did happen in the episode, Arya finished her apprenticeship at the Bravosi Institute of Murder and Higher Learning. She decided not to kill the woman playing Cersei in that play and got tossed out. One observation I immediately made here is that the other girl was very eager to kill Arya for this, “you promised me” she said to Jaquen. This, for reasons I will now explain, is bullshit.

The Faceless Men make a big deal out how how when you join them, you give up yourself to them entirely. You are to have no personal desires, no attachment to your former life nor attachment to current matters, you are to obey and that is the entirety of it. Arya is reminded of this all the time, the lesson is at time reinforced with a beating. “Who are you?”, they ask her. “No one” she is supposed to answer. If you are “no one” you should have no particular antipathies, or a wish to kill someone. So either Jaquen is more lenient with the other girl or they ease up a bit on the rules when you’re a senior member or the writers have done goofed up. To me it seems weird that the other girl gets away with acting like that in front of Jaquen.

Later in this episode, Cersei said something that convinced me that towards the end of this episode Sandor will be fighting Gregor’s reanimated corpse. Clegane-bowl is not an original theory to be sure, people have been speculating about it for roughly a decade. But now I’m so confident it will happen that I’m prepared to wager money on it if anyone is interested.

Cersei said that in case it comes down to a trial by combat with the Faith it would be no biggie since she has the Mountain. That kind of over-confidence is punished in a show like this, and the best answer here would be that sure she has the Mountain, but the Faith has the Hound. Jaime was also sent to the Riverlands so now we have a clear timeline. Next episode he throws down with the Blackfish, there was little action in this episode so there will be a lot in the next one and Jamie’s appointment at Riverrun will be brief. Then he will meet Brienne who is also going to the riverlands, and somehow in episode eight they will come into contact with some servants of the Faith somewhere, one of them being Sandor. In episode nine there will be a buildup of the coming trial and in episode ten the brothers will fight. Or, less likely, they leave it for next season, but either way it’s happening.

This looks like too neat a setup but that seems to be the way the show is going these days. Just like how Daenerys will get her fleet from the Grayjoys very soon in a neat way, since there is no chance we are going back to Daenerys ruling in Mereen for one more season. Whether  it will turn out that Tyrion’s dealings in Mereen while Daenerys was away has been a complete waste of time or not remains to be seen, I think not, I think the point of his arc is to give Daenerys a fourth faction to command, besides the Unsullied, the Second Sons and the Dothraki. Imagine a horde of followers of R’hllor, the new red priestess was not introduced just for fun.

I really like the speech Daenerys gave at the end of the episode, maybe it’s just me but it sure seems like Emilia Clarke has gotten better at portraying Daenerys with time. She channeled Drogo in a convincing manner, not surprising considering the audience. Though the Dragon perhaps appeared in, yet again, a too convenient way, it showed up just in time for her to make a speech. Yeah, right. Benjen’s appearance was also too convenient I might add, though that one seemed to lend weight to the theory that Brann is not going to the Wall (a possibility that still exists), but to the magical faerie village where Benjen has been hiding.

There are a few points left that I didn’t have time to write too much about, but I’ll state them here for the record. When did Randyll Tarly acquire a hatred of wildlings? He lives thousands of kilometers from the wall and he probably isn’t entirely sure wildlings exist. Furthermore, the probability that Margery is faking a conversion is something like 98%. If she isn’t it would be one of the suckiest twist the show has made simply because there is no way that follows from what we saw of her earlier when she talked with the Sparrowmeister. Surprises? Sure, the show should have those but they should make sense in hindsight. This wouldn’t.

Also, has the actor who plays Lancel failed to get his contract renewed? Every week I predict that he will soon show up and then die but he still remains hidden. If this keeps up my readers will start doubting my ability to predict things. Finally, I really hope we get the original dialog between Jamie and Edmure at Riverrun. We never get any original dialog anymore so I doubt it, but it would be nice if that changed.


One response to “A review of S6E6 of Game of Thrones

  1. I assume the “you promised me” line about Arya referred to them taking her face which kind of makes sense. She’s of a noble house in Westeros after all (severely disfavoured house but anyway), her face could prove useful to a guild of assassins.

    Then again, hypocrisy is the creed of every religion in real life, just makes sense to include it in a grounded fantasy series as well (greed is a deadly sin, so give all your wealth to us so we can have more golden adornments in our very fancy house-of-worship).

    Or maybe we just don’t know how the faceless men operates. Maybe the whole “no individuality” thing is just for the apprentices, and you get back your name when you reach platinum membership.

    The whole faceless men thing makes little sense to me. They are supposedly some guild of extreme assassins, yet some mummer chick can simply hire only to murder a slightly more popular mummer. Does this happen on the reg? How can they be allowed (by the rulers or the common populace) to operate out of a city in which they regularly kill random citizens for shit reasons? It would seem like hitman 101 to not practice on your neighbours.

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