Final predictions for the sixth season of game of thrones

Now that there’s less than two weeks left until the premier of the sixth season of Game of Thrones, I have decided to post one last set of predictions of what’s gonna happen. Most of these conclusions come from watching the two trailers that HBO has released (here’s the first and here is the second) and the various clips of random snippets from the season that they have seen fit to release. I have also read the books, several times each, so comparisons to those will be made. That is more or less the entire premise of this article, and having said that, let’s go.

The book series is called A Song of Ice and Fire, and the ice-part is widely thought to refer to what is going on at the Wall, with the late Jon Snow, and the perhaps also late but still walking zombies and their White Walker overlords. In the first trailer we hear Melisandre say something along the lines of “the great victory I saw in the flames, all of it was a lie”. I can imagine that she says this in the season premiere. It would be consistent with the pattern of the first episode letting the viewers catch up with what happened in the previous season. Viewers will be reminded of what happened with Stannis in the form of Melisandre’s doubts. She also probably says this before Jon is revived, if he ever is, since after she brings him back it makes sense that she is less depressed and more forward-looking.

strong argument for why Jon is coming back can be made from the simple fact that in both trailers, Davos and Allister Thorn seem to be fighting over Jon’s corpse. The trailers show Davos and a couple of others (among them Ghost) readying themselves for battle inside a small room, and Allister and some other watchmen breaking open a door with a hammer. It could be that Allister is there to kill Ghost, as the wolf scares him and may want vengeance for Jon, though that is unlikely as is the probability of them being there for Davos himself. So I think they will fight over Jon’s body for the purpose of burning it, and they have to be stopped or Melisandre can’t bring him back.

Regardless of whether or not Jon comes back, it looks like there might be two interesting developments taking place in parallel at the wall. A war seems to be breaking out between the Boltons and the wildlings, and Davos gets drawn into the war against the Others. The first point may seem surprising but the trailers clearly show the Boltons waging war with someone, we see rows of men carrying Bolton shields lining up for battle. The wildlings will also be fighting someone, and it would make sense if the wildlings fought the Others, but then the Boltons would have nobody to dance with.

If there are any scenes in the trailers of the crows fighting together with the wildlings against the zombie hordes then I have missed them, and in either case I can imagine that the wildlings have migrated south from the wall after their main liaison with the Watch had a Caesar moment. There are no other major forces left in the North, and unless a new one is introduced or the Grayjoys’s make a comeback in this region, neither of which is likely, the wildling-Bolton clash is a given. As for Davos, him staying at the wall, zombie hunting, is new and means that it’s probably for the best that Rickon stays gone this season since he has nobody to interact with without introducing someone new. Davos involvement in the fight against the Enemy could mean that his confrontation with Allister doesn’t end in blood. Or Davos kills Allister, but I predict it won’t be the other way around.

To now proceed with the fire-side of the song, we have the show’s version of the Mereenese knot to deal with. Daenerys has been abducted by the Dothraki hordes and is taken to Vaes Dothrak. Back home in Mereen, Tyrion and Varys are left to run the show. In the second trailer, we see Daenerys brought into some kind of tent and stripped of her clothes. There are a few things to be said about this scene.

It has been pointed out that this scene looks like the beginnings of a sexual assault, like another case of the directors of the show going for the shock-value to make headlines. However, I predict that this will not be the case. Predict is perhaps too strong a word, but let’s say I suspect that because of the backlash the show received for what Ramsey did to Sansa, the writers have been encouraged by their bosses to tone it down a little. Whatever opinion one has of portraying such things in a fictional setting, it is clear that the show drew sharp criticism from several publications due to what happened to Sansa and later Shereen.

This meta-argument, together with the scene in the second trailer showing a dragon flying over a bunch of Dothraki, implies that whatever khal it is that plans on violating Daenerys will perhaps meet a fiery end. I predict, and this time I mean officially predict, that Daenerys will have an enemy among the Dothraki, that this will be a large part of her arc this season and that the whole thing will end in fire and blood. Then the rest of the Dothraki will join her, the Unsullied and the freed slaves. Also, I like the look on Daenerys’ face in that scene, she looks defiant, she doesn’t look afraid. Some fucker is about to wake the dragon.

The rest of the Mereen storyline is less interesting. The second trailer showed us that Jorah’s grayscale is getting worse, but that is irrelevant. The writers can chose to have it progress at exactly the pace they want, the fact that he contracted grayscale in the first place did nothing for the plot, it just darkened the mood slightly.

It is furthermore very likely that Tyrion will be involved in dramatic events not related to the search for the Queen. We see him walking down the steps of the throne in Mereen to talk to some angry-looking fellows, and in the second trailer we also see a group of harpies butchering some people. However, all big turning points of the story, like the red wedding, the purple wedding, the viper dueling the Mountain, the Blackwater and so on have involved interactions between several already established characters. If Tyrion and Varys are left on their own in Mereen, and if we can exclude one of them stabbing the other (which we can), then there will probably only be irrelevant placeholder action going on there until Daenerys comes back or Tyrion leaves.

To be fair, a red priestess is seen in the second trailer with Tyrion and Varys, we shall have to see what comes of that. The third of the four main stories of the season will take place in King’s landing, and this I think will be the most interesting one, or at least the most well scripted one and the most entertaining to watch. In the red corner we have the inbred aristocrats, and in the other we have the Deus Vult crowd. The latter won the first round in the previous season, but the former will in this season start flipping tables and breaking skulls.

Lancel is now very high up on the list of people at risk of having their throats slit. This is Game of Thrones, so there has to be violent action, and someone has to die. It could eventually be Jamie or Cersei, nothing is impossible here, but they are the kinds of characters who die at the end of seasons (if they aren’t Joffrey). It could also be the High Sparrow, but with him gone his entire team falls to pieces so he can’t die too early. Lancel could though, he could get done in early to show that Cersei is extra depraved by having her kill a family member. Or Jamie takes him out, to show that he is still loyal to Cersei (show the viewers IRL, not show her in-world). In any case, we are swiftly approaching Lancel’s expiration date.

I really don’t know what to say about the Grayjoy situation. We know that we will be seeing Euron, we know that Balon has to die somehow and perhaps the whole thing is to be connected with what happens in Mereen. I hope they don’t screw it up like they did with Dorne, and I hope they don’t mess up Euron Grayjoy. He is perhaps the most menacing villain in the books, he might literally be the devil (seriously, there are theories about him being an agent for the Others) and unsavory as he is, it would be a waste to not make the most of such a  genuinely scary character.

Finally, when re-watching the second trailer I noticed something that I didn’t particularly pay attention to the first time I saw it. Walder Frey is still around. We see him sitting at a table in a hall full of people, raising a cup in some sort of salute. I predict that he is here so that someone can kill him. There is so much else going on in this show that the writers could just have told the actor that his time was up and never included him again without the viewers minding too much. But they didn’t, they let him hang around as a target for someone, the question is just who. Imagine if it is Sandor…


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