The Game of Thrones season 6 trailer has finally been released

So, finally, after expecting it to be released any day now for two months, I have seen the Game of Thrones season 6 trailer. There was some promising stuff in there, some less promising stuff and some stuff that, regardless of how it is handled,  is bound to be important. I’ll speculate a bit freely about what I saw in the trailer here, but any readers who have not read the books should be advised that I have done so, multiple times, and that spoilers may lay ahead. If you haven’t seen the trailer already you can find it here.

The trailer begins with Jon Snow dead on the ground, a voice in the background saying something about how “he is gone”. Later on in the trailer we see see someone, who could very well be Melisandre, laying her hands on Jon’s dead body. Now it could be that it’s not him, the sequence is too short to tell, but I predict that it is. This is the easy part of the analysis, we expect this to happen in the books too, and it will happen here. So, at some point during the first half Snow is resurrected. Now let’s go on to more controversial stuff.

Besides this, expect to see some freaky stuff happening in the north. I’m pretty sure we saw something resembling Stannis corpse skinned and then nailed to a Bolton cross upside down, burning. Not particularly surprising, but there is a gruesomeness level to be maintained. There is a short scene in the trailer of Theon having his head submersed in water. I interpreted this as him being reunited with his iron brethren, Stannis is gone so it can’t be like in the books anyway. The last time the show reunited Theon with the ironmen we were treated to some of the best acting ever in Game of Thrones, so this could be good.

Less promising is the fact that there was a short hint in the trailer of Brann having a face to face with the leader of the White Walkers. Brann was standing in this scene, on his own, so this is clearly a dream sequence. Be prepared for Brann, while studying or whatever he is doing with Bloodraven, to have dream sequences where he battles the horned walker, and be prepared for all of this being filler and not mattering all that much.

We see Cersei in King’s Landing, apparently letting loose Qyburnsteins monster on Lancel’s loonies. Before that we see Jamie promising Cersei that it’s payback time. In other words, things in King’s Landing, traditionally a part of the show that stayed true to or at least close to the books, is now going off the rails. It may still turn out to be good, but is sure is going to be different.

Varys, I can imagine, will stay in the east in the show, which means that he can’t kill Kevan. This means that someone else has to kill Kevan to satisfies an audience thirsty for the blood of important characters. This will probably be a result of the conflic between the faith and the crown, that is going to be the primary engine of the King’s Landing story and since there is so much going on in other places they can’t, I suspect, afford a secondary story in the capital.

If Varys however makes it back to Westeros be prepared for Tyrion to follow him. The viewers like the Varys-Tyrion duo, by now the writers may have decided to capitalize on that. There is also a hint being made that Tyrion will be saying something to Sansa about the great game, though setting that voice-over to those scenes could have been a deliberate deception to make the trailer more exciting. Most likely both Varys and Tyrion stay put and are reunited with Daenerys, who if my television-senses are to be trusted cannot yet be permanently separated from her Unsullied.

There is much more going on in the trailer about which I haven’t gotten a clear impression yet. Brienne, the Boltons, Arya, all of them are straying into uncharted territory. This will do for my first reactions to the trailer, but I will publish a set of more in-depth predictions in a few weeks time and I intend to review most episodes as soon as they are released, just as I did with season 5. Meanwhile, you can follow me on twitter at @PromethiumWings.



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