Yet another Game of Thrones trailer

This morning just before I left for work I noticed that another trailer had been released for the coming fifth season of Game of Thrones. It’s called “The Wheel”, for reasons that will be obvious if you watch it, which you can do here. Since I had to go to work I couldn’t write anything about it at once as I would have preferred, but now that I’m home again I’ll put down a few words about which new conclusions we can draw about the coming season from this trailer.

WARNING! I have read the books, stay away if you haven’t!

First of all I want to say something about the North, we saw a lot more of the North in the new trailer. The scene with Jon and the boats arriving at a shore somewhere is clearly a rescue of the people at Hardhome. This looks like a big deviation from the books, what with Jon not spending the entire season at Castle Black and all.

There is a short scene showing a fist punching straight through a wooden wall, and a voice saying something about learning to live with the wildlings or letting them join the ranks of the undead. The meaning of this isn’t to hard to figure out, Jon and some others will go to Hardhome to save civilians, then start fighting humans and then later on fight zombies. But the trailer shows us a bit more than just that.

Tormund Giantsbane is also there in Hardhome. This means that either Jon brought him or he escaped and ran over there himself. I’m betting on the former, Jon decided that he needed Tormund as backup. For Jon getting his will through on this the Night Watch’s leadership issue needs to be resolved  first, so it seems reasonable that Jon doesn’t go to Hardhome before he becomes lord commander. We don’t see Slynt anywhere in either this trailer or the previous one, I don’t really know what to make of that but Slynt’s execution was a very defining moment for Jon so I hope they don’t skip it.

Staying in the North, but going south of the wall, let’s talk about the Arryn’s in Winterfell. We clearly see a group of horsemen with Arryn shields on their backs riding through a gateway into a castle, a scene that looks a lot like when the king’s retinue arrived in Winterfell in the first episode of the first season. Later in the trailer we also see Sansa walking through what could be the catacombs below the castle, perhaps to visit Eddard’s tomb.

I now consider it more or less confirmed that Littlefinger brings Sansa to Winterfell to make a deal with the Bolton’s. What’s worse, I now consider it probable that the controversial scene rumored to be happening and involving Sansa will basically be about Littlefinger making her marry Ramsey, with all that implies. That would be horrible, both morally within the show and on a more meta level, it will take the show into areas it has no business going into unless the books demand it. For a lot of people who have sort of heard about the show but not watched it the main coverage they get into contact with will deal with this controversy, what Ramsey does to Sansa and so on, not to mention that the thing is going to be unusually grotesque to watch. I fear that this will be a low point for the season and that’s all I say about it. Let’s hope I’ve read it wrong and that this abomination doesn’t take place.

There were a few question marks that were not touched on by either this trailer or the previous one. What’s going on with Mance Rayder? I honestly don’t remember if the show has mentioned fake Arya, if it never does than they have to make up completely new arc for Mance. The dark version would have him going to the pyre instead of Rattleshirt.

We’ve also not seen Loras in either trailer, assuming I haven’t missed a half-second scene somewhere. They have built him up too much in the show to drop him, and just having him put on a boat to Dragonstone and then coming home injured won’t do for the television crowd, they don’t give a shit about Dragonstone. It would be boring if Loras got the axe, so I hope they send him somewhere unexpected. There are a few frames in the new trailer showing Brienne on horseback fighting someone who probably isn’t Loras, but you never know.

Oh, and finally, I sure hope that the people over at What the Flick review the coming season like they’ve done before with seasons 3 and 4. In particular I hope that Cenk Uygur keeps doing these reviews personally, his television-only perspective and his unique personal take on things were really interesting. You may  or may or may not have certain views of the politics expressed on his main show, but that is irrelevant here, if you want the television-only perspective of the show delivered in an entertaining manner, go check out What the Flick on Youtube. Or even better, hint on social media that you hope Uygur and the gang get together again this season, in case they need encouragement.


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