Further thoughts about the coming Game of Thrones season

I’ve done some more thinking since the release of the season 5 trailer (see my first responses here). We have been hearing for a while now that the coming season will contain the most extreme deviations from the books to date. Having seen what I have seen in the trailer, I feel like I should write a word or two about those coming deviations. 

WARNING! I have read the books, stay away if you haven’t!

I am just going to list what I consider to be some significant but perhaps subtle observations and we’ll see what happens from there.

1. Bronn and Dorne: It’s now getting to the point where I’d wager a lot of money on the theory that Jamie and Bronn are going to Dorne. At a little more then a minute into the trailer there is a scene of Bronn on a beach, fighting people in middle eastern-like yellow clothing riding horses. Now as far as I remember there should only be one fight in Dorne, the one where Arys Oakhart gets a too close shave and Darkstar tries to send Myrcella to the happy hunting-grounds. But the casting that has been revealed so far indicates that neither of those two are making an appearance.

This could mean all kinds of things, but since Bronn is there and he is sort of a rouge he could take a sword to Myrcella and then meet the business end of Hotah’s axe. That’s a bit unlikely perhaps, so consider the alternative. Nobody attacks Myrcella, and the Sand Snakes try to avenge themselves on Jamie, him being an actual Lannister and all. That would make sense, in the books there was some talk going on about killing Tywin’s “golden twins” in retribution for Oberyn’s death if I remember correctly.

However this plays out, I have a feeling that Bronn won’t make it. He is gone in the books and therefore expandable in the show, so if he bites the dust when shit goes down in Dorne remember that you read it here first. If you in fact read it here first.

2. Jon and the Wall: There is entirely too much fighting going on at the wall in the trailer. This bothers me, because I had expected the early parts of the season to focus on the election for Lord Commander. Now instead it appears that we will have Rattleshirt leading a charge of some kind, and perhaps one or two bogus battles like with the deserters in the previous season that do nothing and after which the whole thing is more or less reset.

The simplest explanation for this would be that Rattleshirt is captured in that battle and then given over to Melisandre when she fakes burning Mance. That is not too much of a stretch from him already being captured, but if there is too much of this going on there may be less time left for the rest of Jon’s story. I still believe there will be an election, with Jon running against Slynt, since the writers took the time last season to remind us of Slynt’s existance. But now I find it more plausible that Jon’s Caesar moment is delayed one season, maybe happening very early in season seven, since there is precedence for major deaths early now that Joffrey went in episode 2.

3. Daenerys and the Brazen Beasts: There were several short flashes in the trailer of people with masks, the kind of bestial masks with horns and shit that could very well be supposed to be the Brazen Beasts. Sure, the Beasts in the books wore animal masks, but for the sake of avoiding confusion I think that either the Beasts are gone completely or this is them, with different masks than expected.

I wrote earlier about the scene with the dead person with a mask and with Dany in the arena, but when rewatching the trailer earlier today I noticed a scene I missed earlier. It’s at about 1:42 into the trailer, maybe one second long and shows a group of dudes in masks killing unsullied. Now there is a chance that this is just the Sons of the Harpy and that they are wearing masks, but another more interesting scenario would be that the show portrays the Beasts turning against Daenerys towards the end. If it is the former, then there’s actually nothing unusual going on but if it’s the later then that could foreshadow something about what will happen in the sixth book. More precisely, if it is the Beasts then consider the possibility that they turn against Daenerys’ supporters in the next book during the coming battle of Mereen.


3 responses to “Further thoughts about the coming Game of Thrones season

  1. I’m not so sure I’d count Bronn out. He’s still in the books, since Cersei had tried to get Stokeworth to assassinate Bronn, and Bronn ended up killing him and taking over the Stokeworth castle (with Lollys’ sister being handed over by Cersei to Qyburn to silence her.) I think Bronn will end up being a thorn in the crown’s side.

    The Wildlings in the trailer seem to be refugees at Hardhome, so seeing the Others attack the Wildlings, and them being evacuated on Jon’s orders should be exciting.

    I think you’re right that we’ll have a choosing, and that Jon’s betrayal won’t happen until next season (although it could be at the very end of this season, but if so, they better damn well better publish The Winds of Winter soon!)

    • Qyburn dude, Qyburn! I hadn’t even thought about him for this season. The casting was of course not announced with the rest of the new castings because they have an actor from season three and four, he has just appeared in so few scenes that he is easy to forget. But I haven’t really thought that much about that angle to the King’s Landing story, with Qyburn, Cersei, UnGregor and so on. That will complicate things.

      They could of course mention how Bronn was given a lordship for his services (or lack thereof) at Tyrion’s trial, and then have him come back to Kings Land later on and stir things up. But I vaguely remember reading somewhere that there would be a fight between two characters in Dorne that wasn’t in the books, and I imagine taht could be Bronn and a Sandsnake. If anyone dies there it should be Bronn.

      As for Bronn in the books, it makes sense for me that his storyline is now over. It would then be complete, so to say, and self-contained, the lowly rouge ending up a lord, concluding that he has made it and that it is time to retire. If Kevan hadn’t taken a crossbow bolt to the chest I’d be more certain of that, since Cersei would ahve been sent to Casterly Rock ad Kevan is competent enough to keep Bronn satisfied enough taht he stays in line. But sure, now that Kevan is dead Cersei might indeed stay, which would make it more reasonable for Bronn to be a “thorn in the crown’s side”.

      • Yeah, Qyburn! Last seen in the show promising that Gregor would not be any weaker… but changed.

        We’ll see what happens, and of course anything could happen, in the books and the show. Thanks for your feedback and for posting your thoughts on what’s likely on the show, it helps pass the time until April 12.

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