The Game of Thrones, season 5 trailer has just been released!

I have just left HBO’s facebook page, where the trailer for season five was released like three minutes before I got there, and I gotta tell you, it looks mighty fine. A couple of scenes in the trailer caught my attention, and I thought I’d write a bit about them here. 

WARNING! I have read the books, stay away if you haven’t!

First of all, there was a scene with Bronn. This is relevant, I had thought that Bronn would perhaps be gone now like in the books. Apparently he is not, and the obvious conclusion we can draw from that is that Bronn will replace Ilyn Payn with regards to Jamie’s travels. That works fine for me, I like Bronn, I liked him even more in the books and would have preferred him to stick around there as well.

Early on in the trailer there are scenes with Sansa and Littlefinger, and with the sandsnakes. At least I think the one with the burried guy with the barrel over his head getting whipped has to do with the sandsnakes. I have a bad feeling about both of these groups, Sansa and Littlefinger because there is a risk of the later being so creepy as to render the whole thing unwatchable, and the sandsnakes for no particular reason that I can explain.

I fear they may overdo something, I don’t really know what though, so I will leave all of that for now.

There was at one point what looked like a Brazen Beast lying dead on the street and “kill the masters” was written on a nearby wall in blood. Towards the end of the trailer one can also briefly see Danerys standing in an arena, guarded by a circle of Unsullied against a horde of what I also take to be Brazen Beasts. In other words, some weird shit is going on here.

The writing on the wall makes no sense, according to canon there should be an uprising going on against Dany, not the masters, while the Brazen Beasts should be on her side. Granted, the masked men could be some other force, but two groups of masked fighters in Mereen is one group too many, so I think they are doing something new here. That shot in the arena looks like prepared for Drogon to swoop down on the whole thing, that could be the episode nine action event.

Speaking of arenas, Jorah Mormont is apparently fighting in one as well. I suspect that scene to take place after he is shipwrecked and enslaved, having him sold as a pit fighter is not too far off, his fight in the arena could be the start to what happens there with Dany. In either case, 5o bucks says the twirling spearman is the same stuntman who played Oberyn while he fought Gregor.

This trailer actually leaves me with many more questions than I have to to write down right now, so let me end this by mentioning the two most important remaining ones. Melisandre is burning somebody who is clearly dead, and for the life of me I can’t remember if I am supposed to know who that is from the books. She burned Rattleshirt alive, so that has to be someone else.

Furthermore, who the hell is lady Olenna telling that “they’ll never even find what’s left of you”? The only one I can think of is Cersei, in connection to her and Margery running afoul of the church, but that would mean that there will be some sort of interesting twist while all of that is going down. I had until now no idea that they would even keep grandma Tyrell on.

That’s it for now, only about two and a half month’s to go, and I have a feeling that it’s gonna be great. Let me conclude by saying that I officially predict that the scene with the dragon breathing fire in a confined, dark space is the young Martell fool proving Darwin right and that we can now finally conclude that there there will be no young Griff, or Aegon, or whatever.


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