The Newsroom, Season Finale

The sixth episode of the third season of The Newsroom aired a couple of days ago, and apparently there’s nothing left were that came from. Well, it’s been a hell of a ride. I liked this show, I really did, it combined recent events and the kinds of political developments I tend to think a lot about with really great characters and at times excellent dialog. I’m going to miss this show, I sure wouldn’t have minded a fourth season.

This final hour I just watched was perhaps not the pinnacle of the show, nor necessarily the kind of ending I had hoped for, but on it’s own it sure was a good episode. I liked the flashbacks, I usually don’t like flashbacks but these worked. I also liked the idea of the show coming full circle, I don’t know if Sorkin had all of this thought out right from the start but the flashbacks did make the whole show look more like one unified story. Chances are that he didn’t plan it but made it all up towards the end to make it seem like it was always supposed to fit together and that I’m a sucker, but I don’t care.

There was more of Mac in this episode than some of the few last ones, and with her being one of the characters that lift this show from good to great I sure didn’t mind. I didn’t buy the whole bowling alley thing, but that was a  minor side note. If I had a glass of scotch in my hand now I’d raise it in favor of Emily Mortimer being granted a role in whatever else HBO will think up next.

The two other great characters of the show, Will and Don, had perhaps a tad less going for them in this episode. The flashbacks mostly showed Will’s bad side from back in the day, and I always thought that this character worked best when seething with righteous indignation rather than being a complete tool. I’ve posted it before, and I’ll post it again, for a look of how Will was when he was at his best, look at this. And also, since we’re reminiscing about the show in it’s entirety, here’s another good moment from the early days of the show.

To get back to this particular episode though, I want to stress that I did like the torch being passed on, as it were, and a point being made of how they, all things being said and done, still have to keep doing the news. I also like that Pruit didn’t get any more screen time, that dude was all kinds of annoying, a good show needs a good antagonist but he was more of a douchbag. I can’t however, shake off the feeling that this is not how the show should have ended.

Had there been two more episodes, then this one would have made perfect sense as it was. Imagine, if you will, an alternative arc where McAvoy was never released from prison. He was instead given a few days leave to attend Charlie’s funeral, and after that he had to return to his cell. This episode could then have been the perfect bridge between Charlie’s death and the final battle still to come in the two hypothetical remaining episodes.  The end then, could have been more cataclysmic, Mac perhaps also being arrested and the tension being raised even further before the show went out in a great blaze of glory.

After which, of course, they would all have returned to the studio at the end to once again do the news.

But alas it was not to be, and there is no point in further wishful thinking and whatnot.  This has, all things considered, been a great show, I enjoyed all three seasons of it and I will remember it fondly.


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