The Newsroom, E5S3

What the fuck did I just watch? Yes, that is indeed how I chose to begin this review. First of all, Charlie died. Secondly, it looks like the main story arc died, on account of Will being released without further ado. Besides these casualties the death toll may or may not also include the existence of ACN as a whole. There is so much going on here that it should probably be dealt with calmly one point at a time. And keep in mind as things get get rough in the following lines that I did actually like this episode, all things considered.

So let’s take it in reverse order, both with regards to quality and time. Why did Charlie die? I mean I get the medical explanation, old man, stress, a history of booze, heart-attack, etc. But does it make the story better, considering that there is only an hour of screen time left of the entire show to deal with it and everything else? And it came right out of the blue, which rarely is a good way to handle the death of a major character towards the end of the show.

It’s not that I’m objecting to shows killing off important characters, I am a Game of Thrones fan after all, it’s just that it seemed pointless. If Will for example had been assassinated by rouge elements within the government to set an example for others who refuse to cooperate, or maybe something more reasonable, then that could have made a good story. If there had been more time left to deal with Charlie’s death then that could have worked too.But here we have neither buildup nor aftermath, and that is a problem.

When it comes to the business with the leaker, that looks like a done deal. Will has been released and there isn’t any time left to make anything else of it, the last episode will have to deal with the dissolution of ANC. I’m afraid to say that for all the buildup it didn’t end with a  bang but with a  whimper.

That’s it for what I didn’t like about the episode, now let’s go on to the good stuff, keeping in mind that I chose not to dwell on the fact that I now have a hunch that the Jim-Maggie-Hallie drama will claim a to large part of the last episode.

Don and Sloa performed well. Sloan was good in that interview with the douchbag app developer who is gonna be an accomplice to the next Jon Lennon-style murder. And the annoying parts about how they have to hide their relationship are gone, the gentleman from HR is also gone, all of that is gone and it makes me happy.

Don’s encounter with the collage student was a bit more complicated. This review isn’t the right place to start a discussion about the actual issue there, but they did give it a fair hearing all the way until Don lied to her. It bothers me because he has to some extent been portrayed as an honest person when it comes to serious issues, so perhaps this is out of character. But the acting during their whole conversation was very good as far as I can tell.

Will’s conversations with the wife-beater was also well handled. It seemed a bit artificial and improbable, but given that it happened it happened in a way that makes sense. Will has been portrayed as someone who would indeed feel nothing but righteous contempt for such a man, and the actor did pull it off. The overall point also came through, Will may indeed be a bit arrogant and condescending, but he is in the right when judging the wife-beater, some sins are simply beyond forgiveness. And I like it when McAvoy declares that he won’t take the dude’s bullshit, that actor can do it in a much more convincing way than for example the one playing Charlie.

One more week, one more episode, then it’s over. Like I said last week, they better make it good.


2 responses to “The Newsroom, E5S3

  1. Are you really trying to tell Aaron Sorkin how to write better? Puleese!

    • No, that would be preposterous, I of course recognize that it’s no coincidence he is a professional writer and I am not. I am merely venting my personal opinions, sharing them with other fans of the show who happen to stumble onto this blog. Surely you’re familiar with the concept of the review, they’re quite common on the internet 🙂

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