The Newsroom, E4S3

Let me begin this review by saying that we are here dealing with a significantly better episode than last week. There was, to put it simply, more of the good stuff and less of the bad. And not only was the episode good, it also hinted at the possibility that the rest of the season would be even better.

Lest you all start thinking that I am having some sort of fanboy freakout let me provide a few reasons for being this positive. First of all, we saw the end of the bullshit with the HR dude spying on Don and Sloan, and by extension we probably saw the last of the silly business with Sloan and Don trying to hide their relationship and thus all relationship drama involving those two. The way it ended was a bit of a letdown, but at least it ended.

Furthermore they delivered with regards to the wedding. It was short, it was reasonably well made, the montage they had going on with the aria and the last kiss and so on was nice. Not to mention that the fact that they took care of the wedding in a fast and neat manner once again sets up things nicely for the future, leaving more time for the main storyline.

The main storyline! That shit is getting intense. They kept the tension up quite well while not overdoing it, I seriously couldn’t tell whether or not the judge would let Will walk. I figured he most likely wouldn’t, but it could have gone either way and it would have felt reasonable. I don’t know whether Sorkin always goes for happy ending or whether he is the kind of writer who could pull off having the story end with Will being put away forever as some sort of martyr, I have a feeling he won’t, but in either case there is a sense of doom hanging over the last two episodes.

If this main story line keeps getting even more intense, they ramp up the action by either piling on more danger on Will or having someone else arrested then we are looking at quite a spectacular series finale. I once again want to make that point about the threat ladder, in the first episode they risked profits by not getting the debates, then they risked humiliation and loss of all credibility when Genoa went south, now finally Will is risking his liberty. This kind of development is important and easy to mess up, in some shows they first present what is the most powerful enemy ever, then when that one is defeated there is suddenly someone even more powerful in the next season who we heard nothing of in the first, the threat level just isn’t increased naturally. Here it does feels natural.

There was however something going on in this episode that didn’t feel natural. The worst aspect of the entire episode, if I have to pick one, would be the constant unnecessary douchbaggery by Jim against Hallie. It has been going on for a few episodes but this week it really exploded in a fountain of bullshit. It’s not that I care about the relationship, it’s just that it seems so unbelievable that Jim, a guy who has explicitly been portrayed as NOT totally socially retarded, wouldn’t at some point start thinking that down this road lies madness. This whole thing is also disturbs and concerns me as it is now obvious that Jim and Maggie are gonna have some sort of relapse, after two whole seasons stained by their drama we could really do without it now that there’s only two episodes left.

So there you have it, that’s what I have to say about this week, not there’s only two episodes left. They better make ’em count.


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